Wayfinding / Architectural Signage

Multi Family:

Luma Condominiums - Lowe Enterprises | Seattle, WA

Multi Family:

The Point Apartments - ECP Construction | Seattle, WA

Multi Family:

AMLI Arc - AMLI | Seattle, WA

Multi Family:

Alta Woodson - Wood Partners | Oakland, CA

Multi Family:

Wesley Bradley Park Senior Living - Wesley Homes | Puyallup, WA

Multi Family:

Sitka Apartments - Vulcan Real Estate | Seattle, WA

Multi Family:

The Perry Apartments - Holland Partner Group | Seattle, WA

Multi Family:

Triangle Apartments - Legacy Partners | Redmond, WA

Multi Family:

Louisa Hotel Apartments - Barrientos | Ryan | Seattle, WA

Multi Family:

3040 Apartments - White Peterman | Redmond, WA

Multi Family:

Heartline Apartments - Security Properties | Portland, OR

Multi Family:

The Dairies Apartments - Wood Partners | Atlanta, GA

Multi Family:

A Smorgasbord - Waypoint's Office | Seattle, WA

Multi Family:

Cue Apartments - O&S Partners | Seattle, WA

Multi Family:

Arras Apartments - Security Properties | Bellevue, WA

Wayfinding and code signage

Wayfinding and code signage is one of Waypoint’s key focus areas. Our team creates custom, turn-key wayfinding systems. And, as a design/build shop, custom doesn’t equate to “budget buster.” We can create a package that meets your specific budget and construction timeline, while also ensuring ADA code compliance. At the same time, we realize that our developer, contractor and architect/interiors clients have a whole lot to manage in the development of a new building. Signage should not be a hassle, nor should it be the one element that slows down the process of obtaining TCO. To ensure that our clients have a positive, simple and timely experience, we have developed a client-centric process, work flow and structure that reflects that of our clients. We appoint a dedicated project manager for every project, creating a unique and empowered champion who manages the project from design through installation. A dedicated design team supports the project manager, and a custom signage location plan and signage schedule is carefully created for each project. Intrigued? Click on the Process section below to learn more.

Representative case studies

Alta Woodson – A Wood Partners Development

Oakland, California
  • Multi Family

707 Leahy – An Aimco Repositioning Project

Redwood City, California
  • Multi Family

Kado NW – A Holland Partner Group Development

Portland, Oregon
  • Mixed Use, Multi Family

The Huntley – A Wood Partners Development

Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Multi Family

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Wayfinding process – project workflow

The process chart below outlines the steps in developing a custom wayfinding signage package.


  • Review floor plates to identify what type and how many sign types are needed for the project
  • Create a proposal for client
  • Proposals are for a full-service signage solution: design, build and install (Waypoint provides build and install only proposals as well if you have a pre-designed sign package)


  • Host a meeting with all stakeholders which includes Waypoint designated project manager and designer, Waypoint sales person, client and, at client’s direction could include architect, interiors, construction
  • Understand and define project goals, brand, timeline, special needs and desires
  • Post meeting, produce an image board showing design inspiration/direction for client review and approval


  • Create location and messaging for each individual sign
  • Develop a message schedule showing content for each individual sign
  • Develop programming floor plates, with signage locations corresponding to the message schedule
  • Client review and edits


  • Design 2-4 design concepts for 1-2 sign types
  • Client review and feedback, direction selected


  • Design all sign types
  • Client review and revisions


  • Client reviews and approves full package
  • Upon approval, package moves into the fabrication phase


  • Complete and submit permit applications for any signs requiring permits from local municipalities. Waypoint manages this process.
  • Develop shop and production files


  • Designated project manager works with fabrication team to ensure sign construction is consistent with the signage design package
  • Ensure excellence – quality control team reviews – project manager, fabrication operations manager, fabrication team


  • Coordinate with general contractor/client for timing and access
  • Installs are often phased to meet pre-TCO inspection timing, and to coordinate with other trades completing work on the site


  • Walk through completed installation with client and Waypoint team