Kado NW – A Holland Partner Group Development

  • Mixed Use, Multi Family
  • Wayfinding / Architectural Signage, Property ID / Exterior Signage
  • Portland, Oregon

Signage complements a “crafted” design intent in an organically oriented city

Located in Portland’s Alphabet District, Kado NW is a 7-story midrise development that was brought to a busy market with a need to differentiate itself and attract a creative audience. The signage solution involved the use of natural materials with a detailed, handcrafted look, appealing to the building’s maker audience while supporting the building design intent of a calm, relaxing retreat. Holland Partner Group is a vertically integrated company, and Waypoint was fortunate to work with Holland Development and Holland Construction on this beautiful development. GBD Architects was the architect for the project.

Handcrafted signage in a natural environment speaks to the ethos of the project.

A new midrise building in Portland's Alphabet District.

Exterior signage has a simple yet strong presence.

Interior signage added to the "handcrafted" nature of the building.

Back of house and amenity signage is simple yet consistent with the project's design intent.

Unit IDs and directional signage feel as if a local craftsman developed them (they did!).