Who are we?

Founded in 2012, Waypoint is a Seattle company that provides signage solutions for real estate partners across the country. We’re excited to support the success of developers, construction companies and asset managers in all 50 states – understanding the signage requirements of communities from Buckhead, Atlanta to the Pearl District in Portland.

Waypoint is a design/build shop. Why is this important? We can provide certainty of timing, budget and design to our clients.  Our fabrication team has to actually create the signage that our designers dream up, all within a specific budget.  The nature of our business means that our team is fabulous at communication.

As a Seattle based company, we are fortunate to have access to awesome talent.  And coffee… and salmon… but seriously, we have a fantastic team. Waypoint’s over 30 professionals are specialists with many years of experience in their individual fields.  Our in-house design team is always seeking new creative signage concepts, while our precise fabricators craft signage to ensure quality and durability. The installation team is adept at working quietly and efficiently within construction sites in many states. Every person, from our administrative staff to our project managers to our shop employees shows great care in their work. That makes us proud.

What’s the name Waypoint about?

Our owner, Kevin Jeffries is passionate about signage and… boats. His family teases him as he closely examines the signage in an airport, or a restaurant or well, anywhere! When Kevin isn’t inspecting signage to see how it was constructed, he is enjoying time on the water. A waypoint is a navigational coordinate that a captain uses to follow a path on the sea. Wayfinding, our company’s key area of focus, is the signage that a visitor uses to navigate their way through a building or a space. See how it connects?

The Waypoint team

Teamwork makes the dream work, and our team is comprised of unique individuals who come together to create incredible signage for our clients. Meet the Waypoint team!

Abduhl Moneir Mobbasher

Laser and Braille Specialist

Abduhl Moneir MobbasherLaser and Braille Specialist

Abduhl brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Waypoint – in everything from the design, production and installation of carefully crafted signage and fine arts to training and development. Originally from Kabul City, Afghanistan, Abduhl manages our laser, engraving and braille work, fabricates signage and runs plotters to support signage production. Simply put, Abduhl is a creator with amazing attention to detail. When asked what he enjoys most about his role at Waypoint, Abduhl notes, “I enjoy putting together shapes, colors, textures, lines and patterns and make a sign/logo that looks a beautiful piece of art.” How well put! And we’re so pleased that Abduhl brings this skill to our team. When he isn’t at Waypoint, you might find Abduhl playing with his young daughter, challenging a rival at table tennis or engaging in his own art, with a focus on painting and calligraphy.

Alyson Burns

Project Manager

Alyson BurnsProject Manager

Alyson is a client-focused, problem-solving, schedule-driven Logistics Leader and Project Manager. Simply put, she makes things happen. And clients love her for it. As do we! Alyson is responsible for a project from the initial concept and budgeting discussion with a client, through design and fabrication to installation. Schedules almost always change through the life of a project and Alyson is a maverick, ensuring that the client receives their signage on time with a quality that exceeds their expectations. Prior to Waypoint, Alyson owned a design/advertising/marketing company where she was on the client side of signage, likely why she has such a deep understanding of client needs and desires. Born in Portland, Oregon, when not at work, Alyson enjoys spending time with her family (including 4 kids and 5 grandkids), gardening, jewelry making and yoga.

Contact Alyson!  alyson@waypointsignco.com | (206) 693-2336 x236

Bob Ellis

Project Manager

Bob EllisProject Manager

Bob is not only a Project Manager extraordinaire, he is also a Problem Manager. To Bob, a problem is an opportunity, not simply to “fix” an issue, but rather to improve an overall project. While always keeping the high-level vision of a project affixed in his mind, Bob manages all of the details of signage development from kick-off to design, concepts to fabrication, packaging to installation. An excellent communicator, Bob ensures that all team members are engaged and committed to a successful outcome for each and every project. As Bob looks not a day over 40, it is hard to believe that he has over 40 years of experience in the sign industry. His magic elixir? Spending time outdoors – hiking, kayaking, skate skiing and biking. Bob even commutes via bike from Ballard to the shop in South Seattle almost every day, rain or shine. He’s a true Seattleite.

Contact Bob!  bob@waypointsignco.com | (206) 538-6793

Bret Hermes

CNC Operator

Bret HermesCNC Operator

Bret is the master and commander of Waypoint’s multiple CNC machines. During the day, a visit to his wing of the shop finds Bret watching carefully over his machines as they whir and buzz, making adjustments to the computers or to the bits. Bret notes that he “cuts big parts into little parts,” but in reality, a very high percentage of Waypoint’s signage passes through Bret’s capable hands. With over 40 years in the sign industry, Bret has created a mind-boggling amount of signage, both at Waypoint and in prior roles. Originally from Montana, Bret is a man of few words who is committed to his work.

Dan Kehoe

Install Manager

Dan KehoeInstall Manager

As our Install Manager, Dan makes Waypoint proud. When asked what he likes about his job he notes, “Hands down, the most satisfying part of installation is being there to see the client’s reaction. Myself, and the rest of the installers, have the responsibility and the privilege of delivering our product. Many months, sometimes a year’s worth of work by all of Waypoint’s many talented people is entrusted to us to bring to a successful conclusion.” We couldn’t say it better ourselves. With over 35 years in the sign industry, Dan literally grew up in a sign shop, where he served as production manager, graphic designer, fabricator, installer and yes, cat petter. When not immersed in a new signage installation, Dan loves to play music. You might even find him playing a local stage in one of the several bands he is a member of. A dad, Dan is quick to point out that both of his children, a son and a cat, are quite handsome.

Contact Dan!  dan@waypointsignco.com | (206) 954-4361

Darren Emmens

General Manager

Darren EmmensGeneral Manager

Darren is Waypoint’s fearless leader. As the GM, he is responsible for making all of the voices at Waypoint sing together, resulting in not a chorus, but in exceptional signage. Darren has about a million hats to wear, and he does so with a calm demeanor, an unflappable mindset and a cheerful attitude. Every single day, he ensures that projects are on track, clients AND team members are happy and that future sign projects are coming in the front door. Darren’s favorite part of his role? He says it best, “I enjoy working with the Waypoint team to create solutions and provide our clients with the best possible outcomes. Truly, the best part of my job is our team. A diverse group of people all bringing their talent and passion to every project we work on.”

Prior to arriving at Waypoint, Darren was responsible for multiple start-ups and business units under the R.R. Donnelly corporate umbrella. With team members across the country in disparate roles, Darren managed everything from new TI build-outs to creative direction, to business leadership to sales. If you visit Darren in his office you might see some stunning photography, most of which is his work. Darren is a hard-to-find blend of business leader and fine artist, a combination that is perfectly suited to lead Waypoint’s endeavors. We are fortunate to have him at the helm. When Darren isn’t inspiring our team to do their very best, he can be found at home with his two not-so-much-kids-anymore kids, Kelten and Keely and his amazing wife Lisa. Oh, and three dogs who love to talk, Baxter, Boomer and Bruno. It does seem that Darren has an affection for alliteration. In addition to the letters B and K, Darren loves boating and catching (he’s pretty successful at fishing).

Contact Darren!  darren@waypointsignco.com | o (206) 693-2338 x248 c 206-999-6205

David Bumgarner

Design Lead

David BumgarnerDesign Lead

If there is something that David doesn’t know about signage design, we’re not sure what it is.  With well over 20 years of signage design experience, David has designed everything from neon signs to aboards, electric signs to unit IDs, monument signs to expansive building signage. And then some. And then some more. A thoughtful person who is always creating, David questions and inspires the design team to develop new and innovative signage. A man from the mountains, David was born in Colorado and raised in Nevada, but he really didn’t find home until he experienced the cloudy weather of Seattle – something that he loves. When David isn’t prompting great ideas at work, he’s hanging out with his love and a posse of pets including Pancake the lab mix, Lucien who is learning to behave, and Cheeto the cat who is reportedly being nominated for sainthood.

Email David! david@waypointsignco.com

Dustin Christiansen

Shop Manager

Dustin ChristiansenShop Manager

As the shop manager, it is important to have a balance of fabrication skills and people skills. Dustin puts it best: “We have such a great team here, and there is something very satisfying about accomplishing something together.” Dustin is the ring master of the Waypoint shop, overseeing all of its sub departments, managing project deadlines, keeping machinery up and running and coordinating with the design and project management departments to ensure project success. He’s a busy guy. And that doesn’t stop when he gets home. With a fantastic life partner, two awesome kids, two pugs with great names (Tugboat and Ziggy Stardust), one cat and two parakeets named Lemon and Sprite, Dustin never quite takes his ringmaster hat off! Dustin has a varied background in fabrication, production management, design, printing and painting, all of which he draws upon each day as the leader of our shop.

Contact Dustin!  dustin@waypointsignco.com

Eric Vangstad

Project Manager

Eric VangstadProject Manager

With over 20 years of experience in multiple roles in the signage industry, Eric is keenly aware that no two projects are the same. There is nothing quite like wearing many of the hats in a sign shop to develop deep expertise. Simply put, Eric’s extensive signage background translates into a huge benefit for clients as he leads their projects through the signage development process. Eric is a talented ring master, managing every step from design through installation, ensuring that the end result exceeds the client’s expectation. Originally from Minnesota, there are rumors that Eric might be a Vikings fan living in Seahawks country. When not secretly enjoying his hometown football team, Eric enjoys reading, 3D printing, music, movies and hanging out with his cat Loki.

Flo Richardson


Flo RichardsonSales

Flo loves connecting with people. She’s a serious extrovert. We love that about her, and we’re pretty sure that within two minutes of meeting her, you will too. To Flo, sales is about building and nurturing relationships. She loves to tell the story of Waypoint, while listening carefully to clients as they explain their development plans. With over eight years of experience in singing the song of signage she has a tremendous amount of knowledge and adds huge value to every client she works with. When Flo isn’t out meeting with current and future clients, she is enjoying the beautiful vistas of southern California, golfing, playing tennis and exploring with her daughter who is in school at UC Santa Cruz. Flo is based in the Los Angeles area but comes up to Seattle frequently to see what rain looks like. Flo works with clients around the country.

Contact Flo!  flo@waypointsignco.com | (310) 796-6027

Jamie Allen

PM Manager

Jamie AllenPM Manager

Jamie loves her work in the signage world, an industry that she entered in 2015. And, while she loves signage, Jamie is also a fan of hats. In fact, she wears three hats every day. With one hat donned, she leads the efforts of our incredible project manager team, helping to solve problems while being a sounding board for ideas and approaches. Her second hat is all about minding details as she manages her own portfolio of projects, effectively and efficiently communicating with clients, keeping them up to date on project progress and ensuring that design concepts exceed client expectations. Jamie’s third hat is one that is firmly affixed – a lovely mix of can-do spirit and positive attitude. We are pretty sure that this last hat stays on when she isn’t at work as Jamie pursues the peaks and valleys of the Pacific Northwest, hiking trails and scaling heights as a mountaineer.

Contact Jamie! jamie@waypointsignco.com | (206) 693-2337 X222

Kelten Emmens

Takeoff Specialist

Kelten EmmensTakeoff Specialist

Prepare for takeoff! In a way, Kelten is a pilot, although his environment is made up of floorplates, not blue skies. Kelten assists the design and estimating teams by carefully reviewing the floorplates for a new development, noting in Adobe Illustrator where code and wayfinding signage will be required. In our world, this is called a “takeoff.” Upon completing his virtual tour of a building, Kelten provides a summary of the required sign types to the design and estimating teams, the starting point for an accurate design/build estimate for a client. A Seattle native, Kelten loves exploring the city and seeing signs that he himself had a hand in creating. When not at work he loves spending time with friends and getting deep into the world of 007. Bond. James Bond.

Kenton Long

Quality Assurance Specialist

Kenton LongQuality Assurance Specialist

Kenton is all-knowledgeable in the world of signage. With over 17 years of experience in our industry, he has always been inspired by the process of taking ideas from paper to form, creating 3-D realities from concepts. With a broad background in graphic design, fabrication, installation, large format production, IT and management, Kenton is the perfect person to be Waypoint’s Quality Assurance Specialist. He speaks the language of every division of our company. In his role, Kenton is our Inspector of Expectations, ensuring that every sign that comes out of the Waypoint shop is just as it should be. When Kenton isn’t pouring over designs or looking over shoulders in the shop, he’s at home with his wife and two young kids, or he might be out inspecting which PNW beers are truly best suited to Seattle living.

Contact Kenton!  kenton@waypointsignco.com

Kevin Jeffries


Kevin JeffriesOwner

Kevin has a serious signage affliction. You might say he is a serial signage entrepreneur, even. With 29 years in the industry, Kevin has designed, fabricated, installed and lead teams all around signs. In his past life, Kevin owned two other signage firms, and lead the fabrication team for two more. Seattleites might know him from Island Dog Sign Company, which he founded in 2001 and sold in 2008. A little known signage fact about Kevin – at one time he created the beautiful hand-carved, gold inlaid signs seen in the Bavarian Village of Leavenworth. Some say he was paid in bratwurst and steins of beer. When Kevin isn’t pondering the ways of the signage world you can find him on the water.  He and his wife and two rescue dogs live on their trawler full-time.

Email Kevin at kevin@waypointsignco.com

Laura Williams


Laura WilliamsSales

Laura is a multi-tasking, relationship-building signage soothsayer. And how could she not be a diverse talent, as a mom of five human kids and one feline? Laura has a special knack for looking into the development future to find projects that are a Waypoint + client love match. Complicated, design-centric, tight-timelines, you name it, she diligently works with prospective clients to find a solution that engages the best of our company and theirs. A life-long Seattleite, Laura previously worked in sales and marketing in the glazing industry, and has extensive experience within the development community. When she isn’t creating new relationships at work at Waypoint, Laura might be found on the trails, hiking with her husband or defying the speed limit on her roller skates. Laura is happily based in Waypoint’s Seattle office, but serves clients across the country.

Contact Laura! laura@waypointsignco.com | (206) 778-1638

Mike LaRoche


Mike LaRocheSales

Before Mike became a business development professional at Waypoint, he worked in the world of professional photography and management. Perhaps that’s why he can always see where there is an opportunity for a client, or how Waypoint might be able to best meet the needs and timeline of a project. Simply put, he looks through the lens of the client first, seeing himself, and our company, as a solution provider rather than as a vendor. An incredibly personable guy, Mike subscribes to the theory of “two ears, one mouth” and is a great listener. Originally from the Seattle area, Mike is based in Portland, Oregon where he enjoys getting outdoors, spending time with his family and cheering on the Seahawks! While Mike works from Portland where he gets to enjoy Voodoo Doughnuts (we’re jealous), he provides services for clients across the nation.

Contact Mike!  mike@waypointsignco.com | (503) 997-9448

Patrick Ayers


Patrick AyersFabricator

Patrick is a jack-of-all-trades, but unlike the saying, he IS a master… of signage. While his background in retail display design, signage and mechanical drafting gives him the knowledge to do his job, his past roles as boat detailer and farm hand give him the stick-to-itiveness to make sure things happen in the shop. As an amazing fabricator with a wealth of experience, Patrick is fully engaged in the day-to-day workflow of the shop, mentoring new hires, coordinating packing and shipping and always working to ensure good communication with the design/project management teams. He’s the boots on the ground, one might say. When not at work, Patrick employs other kinds of footwear, given his varied hobbies of backpacking, jiu jitsu, bowling and paintball (where he is even a referee!)

Robert Albus

Large Format Operator

Robert AlbusLarge Format Operator

Robert is a craftsman in the shop, and at home. There is an art to achieving perfection in printing. At Waypoint, Robert is the Master Craftsman of large format digital printing, determining what the best strategies are for each print job, and ensures the highest quality in the resulting imagery. At home, he takes craftsmanship to an art level, engaging in 3D modeling, sculpting and hand crafting fine silver and gold jewelry, including the setting of gems. The signage he produces at work reflects this care and attention to detail. And its no wonder. With over 40 years in the industry, Robert is a practiced hand.

Robert Enhat

Project Manager

Robert EnhatProject Manager

An insistent champion for every signage project that crosses his desk, a better title for Robert might be The Kingpin of Project Management. A kind but tenacious task master, Robert is consistent in his efforts to ensure excellence in our product. Robert is the timekeeper, the calculator and the voice of his projects, overseeing signage from the initial conversation with a client, through design and fabrication, to installation. And while Robert is amazing at keeping projects on track, he also adds quite a bit to the creative side of our work. With his background in photography, printing and of course, signage, Robert is an artist himself. How fortunate for us! A lifelong Seattleite, Robert loves the city’s diverse arts scene, and when he isn’t at work you might find him engaging in the arts, traveling or cooking.

Contact Robert!  robert@waypointsignco.com | (206) 538-6792 x212

Ruben Byrd


Ruben ByrdDesigner

Ruben is a maker. And he happens to be a designer too. As a part of Waypoint’s creative and playful design team, Ruben is as detailed and specific as he is innovative and artistic. This is likely due to his 20 years of work in design and illustration as well as his hobbies of crafting and laser woodwork. As he says, he loves creating things. Ruben has the special gift of being a designer who actually builds as well, ensuring that all of his designs result in high quality, constructable, long lasting signage. Originally from Hawaii, when he isn’t at work, Ruben explores Seattle, enjoying the weather, the people, the fantastic art scene and playing tabletop roleplaying games.

Shannon Ritscher

Creative Lead

Shannon RitscherCreative Lead

The Thesaurus gives a bunch of synonyms for “creative.” Innovative, inspired, inventive, productive and clever are a few that pop to the top of the page. All of these words and many more could be used to describe Shannon and her superb design and design leadership skills. Following an education at the Philadelphia Art Institute, Shannon has worked in the design world since 1995. At Waypoint she inspires the design team to be better every day while also focusing on her own work to create thoughtful, imaginative signage concepts and detailed full signage packages. Shannon notes, “I like seeing our client’s property and being inspired to find ideas that fit the building perfectly.” When not at work, Shannon continues to be an artist, making Greenbelts – pet and human accessories made from recycled belts. Super cool!

Steve McCallum

Lead Estimator

Steve McCallumLead Estimator

We’re pretty sure if you Google “signage expert” an image of Steve McCallum comes up. It’s not surprising given his 25+ years in the industry, degree in graphic design, sales, and project management expertise. When asked about his role, Steve says he “finds solutions for challenging issues.” In addition to being Waypoint’s champion of the calculator, Steve supports project managers, providing resource assistance and process guidance to help create exceptional signage within budget. Steve reviews opportunities with the sales team, provides pricing for projects and coordinates with existing customers on new developments. When he isn’t at work, Steve loves riding his motorcycle around his West Seattle neighborhood, which is currently an island, minus the coconuts.

Contact Steve!  steve@waypointsignco.com | (206) 693-2335 x235

Tavo De La Mora


Tavo De La MoraFabricator

Tavo is a hands-on kind of guy. With a background in welding and over 10 years of signage fabrication and installation, he can pretty much make anything! But being a curious person, he’s always looking to learn new skills, and loves the big “toys” aka large scale fabrication tools that live around the shop at Waypoint. A lifelong Seattle area resident, when he isn’t at work Tavo is still a creator, wrenching on cars AND computers!

Trevor Englehardt


Trevor EnglehardtInstaller

As an installer, Trevor is one of the last Waypoint employees to engage with the signage that our whole team has worked to create. And he takes great pride in knowing that he is putting the final touch on not only our signage package, but on a building, adding that last element that makes it complete. With over 9 years in the industry, Trevor has installed thousands of signs. We’re pretty proud to say he’s an Installation Ace! Trevor is a rare person in that he is a born-and-raised Seattleite, and true to form, he loves the music and cultural diversity of our fine city. On the weekends you might find Trevor hanging with his two dogs, playing music to entertain their sensitive canine ears.

Vance Nurkala


Vance NurkalaInstaller

When it comes to the signage industry, Vance has done it all. With 25 years in the signage industry and a BFA in graphic design from Northern Michigan University, Vance has experience in design, printing, laminating, production and install. We are fortunate that he brought his talents to Waypoint! Vance takes great pride in seeing a complete install with a happy client standing nearby. A Michigan native, Vance loves the combination of forest, mountains, sound and city that the Seattle area offers. When he isn’t admiring his surroundings, or executing an exacting install, Vance can be found playing the drums in multiple local bands!

Pizza + lunchtime learning hour!

A people-driven workplace

At Waypoint, we believe that our employees’ experience at work is incredibly important. Work doesn’t have to be a four-letter word after all! As such we try to mix work with play, serious discussions with laughter-filled conversations (currently also occurring on Zoom!) and project debriefs with celebrations.

While it seems corny to say, the Waypoint team does truly believe that there “is no I in team.” When things get tough, everyone pitches in to help, however and wherever they can. And this isn’t simply within groups, such as project managers or fabrication, but rather the support is across the team. It takes all of us to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and partners.

Current job openings

We are always looking for smart and talented individuals who want to be a part of a great team. Apply today!

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