Valdok – A Lennar (LMC) Development

  • Mixed Use, Multi Family
  • Wayfinding / Architectural Signage, Property ID / Exterior Signage, Marketing Signage
  • Ballard, Seattle, Washington

Unit IDs incorporate routered numbers as well as ADA compliant numbering and braille.

Unit IDs were designed to work with hallway sconces.

Exterior unit IDs have a different look and feel to be weather-proof yet still fit with the overall signage package.

Amenity signage continues the use of natural wood.

Custom artwork adds to the character of the building.

Wayfinding directional signage utilizes natural wood and creates clarity with its simplicity.

Consistency in look and feel, as well as materials completes the Scandinavian-inspired design of this building.

Elevator signage can be simple, or interesting!

Raised letters and braille complete the look for floor signage.

Exterior leasing/marketing signage.

Scandinavian signage design in a historic Norwegian neighborhood

Waypoint was honored to work with the Lennar (LMC) team on their crisp two-phase multi-family development, Valdok. Located in the historic Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Valdok pays homage to Ballard’s Scandinavian roots and was named for the Valdok family who owned the development site, and who emigrated to the US from Norway in 1959. The building celebrates the concept of “hygge” which is defined as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).” Waypoint designed, built and installed a custom signage package for this modern, yet warm project to complement the overall interior and exterior design. In addition, Waypoint provided marketing signage for this two phase mid-rise development with 178 (phase I) and 164 units (phase II). Architecture for the project was by CLARK | BARNES and Compass Construction was the GC for Phase I, and LMC was the GC for Phase II.