Talisman – A Lowe Development

  • Mixed Use, Multi Family
  • Wayfinding / Architectural Signage, Environmental Graphics, Property ID / Exterior Signage
  • Downtown Redmond, Washington

Unit IDs allow residents to choose their own lucky symbol - or Talisman.

A development with a strong brand includes unusual “lucky” signage throughout the community

Waypoint was honored to work with the Lowe team on this new mixed-use / multi-family development in Redmond Town Center in Downtown Redmond, Washington. The midrise development features 286 units and 9400 SF of retail that adds to the walkable environment in this urban village. Talisman is a development targeted at Redmond’s innovative tech community, and as such includes elements that speak to this clever, creative audience. The name Talisman speaks to an object that is thought to have magical powers, and that brings good luck. Waypoint developed signage in partnership with League of Excellence that speaks to the name of the development, yet that connects with its strong design aesthetic. Signage includes unit IDs where the resident can pick their lucky talisman, an exterior sign fabricated with a face comprised entirely of pennies, and floor IDs that have unique lucky icons per floor. Waypoint provided environmental graphics, wayfinding, code, and exterior ID signage for the Talisman development. Compass Construction was the GC and Encore Architects provided architectural services for the project.

The monument sign outside the front door has a face made entirely of pennies.

How many pennies in this letter A? Guess and win a prize!

The Talisman unit IDs. Which lucky talisman would you choose to represent your favorite good luck charm?

Elevator lobbies showcase unique talismans, a handy way to remember what floor you are on!

Lucky horse shoe incorporated into signage.

Wayfinding signage is consistent with the overall signage package, yet simpler to allow budget dollars to go to high impact locations.

The Waypoint team installing the parking blade sign.

The completed parking blade sign!