Parque Kirkland – A Henbart Development

  • Mixed Use, Multi Family
  • Wayfinding / Architectural Signage, Property ID / Exterior Signage
  • Downtown Kirkland, Washington

Elevator lobby with wall graphic and simple but elegant doorway signage.

Parque Kirkland exterior with entrance blade sign.

Recessed unit ID creates a clean and modern hallway experience.

Simple but effective and elegant blade signage welcomes residents home.

Back of house signage creates an elevated sense of place and supports the overall building aesthetic.

Elevator lobby with evacuation map.

Parking entry signage.

Back of house / garage signage is simple but easily understood, important in a mixed-use development.

Custom signage for a boutique multifamily development in a niche lakeside market

The Waypoint team was delighted to support general contractor, WG Clark, as they constructed developer Henbart, LLC’s stunning building, Parque Kirkland, located in Downtown Kirkland, Washington. The boutique project, which includes 70 units and 22,000 sf of ground floor retail opened in the fall of 2021. A perfect fit for charming Downtown Kirkland, Parque Kirkland offers an upscale community with a focus on design details. It even includes a wine bar for resident use. The architect, Graphite, had envisioned interior signage that fit into specific niche spaces, with a need for unit IDs to give a flush-mount appearance while connecting to the hallway design. As such, a partnership between architect, contractor, developer and Waypoint resulted in a sharp, custom signage package that also represented a compromise between the architects’ vision, the project’s timeline and the ownerships’ budget. Our team enjoyed the opportunity to partner with the project team, and provided wayfinding, code, ADA and exterior signage for the development.