Oyhut Bay – Washington Coast Resort

  • Master Planned Communities, Resorts & Hospitality
  • Wayfinding / Architectural Signage, Environmental Graphics, Property ID / Exterior Signage, Marketing Signage
  • Ocean Shores, Washington

A boulder with raised painted aluminum letters forms a natural, memorable monument sign.

Signage supports the character development of a new resort on the Washington coast

Oyhut Bay is a new 50 acre, master planned beach resort community situated on the Washington Coast in popular Ocean Shores. When Waypoint became involved, the development was quite new, with only a few model homes. Waypoint assisted the Oyhut Bay team in showcasing the vision for the property with sales center displays, marketing signage, an entry monument sign and a very fun street signage/wayfinding package. The street signage and entry monument sign highlight the natural environment and seabirds, immediately engaging the viewer in the character of this new development.

The Oyhut Bay sales center includes large scale, curved walls that can be moved within the space, allowing the team to change the sales center configuration easily.  A table top map supports sales team members in explaining the community, and wall graphics tell the story of how relaxing life at the beach can be.

Marketing signage explained not only the home buying opportunity, but also the future community amenities.

Anastasiou Development is the developer of Oyhut Bay. Waypoint was delighted to work with the Fusion team on this project.


Wayfinding signage in the form of street signs being constructed in the Waypoint shop.

The completed street signs which include an elegant natural scene at the top of the signs.

A close-up image of the street signage.

Curved, movable displays for the Oyhut Bay sales office under construction in the Waypoint shop.

Curved, movable displays on-site in the Oyhut Bay sales office.

Installation of environmental graphics in the Oyhut Bay sales office.

Large scale wall imagery adds to the overall sense of place at the Oyhut Bay sales office.

A tabletop map of the development supports sales team efforts in the Oyhut Bay sales office.

A multi-layered sales office with environmental graphics.

Marketing signage on-site at Oyhut Bay.

Marketing signage in the early days of Oyhut Bay.