One88 Condominium Large Scale Wall Graphics – Bosa

  • Mixed Use, Multi Family
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Downtown Bellevue, Washington

Creating interest on a multi-story blank wall leveraging environmental graphics

Bosa developed One88, a significant, luxury condominium project in Downtown Bellevue with 143 large, high-end homes. Waypoint was engaged to assist with wayfinding, code, exterior ID signage as well as large scale graphics. This quick case study describes the unusual environmental graphics included in the project that were both a city requirement and a Bosa desire. The graphics adorned a blank wall facing a parking lot and a neighboring property, creating a much more pleasant view for those in the area. Waypoint executed the large scale wall graphics utilizing a single photo which provided challenges due to the size of the output.

Amanat Architect and Hirsch Bender Associates were the architects for One88.

The graphics are 50 feet tall, and as such required careful planning while using one image.

The team works to install one panel in the image system.

Assembling the puzzle.

The graphics near completion. That's a lot of signage!