Mercerwood Shore Club Monument Signage

  • Resorts & Hospitality
  • Property ID / Exterior Signage
  • Mercer Island, Washington

The new Mercerwood Shore Club monument sign.

The monument sign was supported by new vinyl signage at the club entry.

Updating a classic club with new signage

The Mercerwood Shore Club is a recreation-oriented social club that has existed on Mercer Island in Lake Washington since 1953. The club focuses on water activities, both in terms of on-site pools and in/on Lake Washington, as well as tennis and fitness. With a storied past and a strong future, the Mercerwood Shore Club was in need of a new monument sign to welcome members as they arrived at the club. Waypoint provided design/build services for the new sign, fabricated from natural wood with an aluminum frame and raised letters. Additional signage was included for the main club building.