Helios – An Equity Residential Development

  • Mixed Use, Multi Family
  • Wayfinding / Architectural Signage, Property ID / Exterior Signage
  • Downtown Seattle, Washington

Canopy mounted stainless steel letters create a strong first impression.

Signage comprised of sleek steel, angles and shadows add to the character of this 40-story multi-family development

Waypoint was pleased to provide Equity Residential with wayfinding, code and exterior signage for Helios, a 40-story high-rise mixed-use multi-family tower in the heart of downtown Seattle. The 398-unit tower fills a missing link in the city’s skyline, connecting downtown to the iconic Pike Place Market. The tower is a sleek form, with interiors that play with shapes, angles and shadows. The signage package also speaks to the interior direction with unit IDs formed of custom formed, cold rolled steel. The unit IDs are ADA compliant (of course!) yet are a point of interest, creating shadows and adding to the sophisticated, yet youthful environment of the residential hallways. Realizing the form angles for these 398 unit ID signs was a focused effort, as the signs do not have square lines. Multiple rounds of prototypes were developed to ensure that the signage was perfect. Exterior signage is sleek yet elegant with canopy-mounted stainless steel dimensional letters welcoming residents home to this quintessential Seattle address. Turner Construction was the GC, and Weber Thompson was the architect for the project.

Formed, cold rolled steel creates a unique presentation for unit IDs.

Even signage labeling electrical and telecom incorporates ADA tactile lettering, continuing to support the ambiance of the building.

Downtown Seattle parking is a challenge! Future residents are accommodated at Helios.

A Waypoint team member crafting the exterior signage.