Centralia High School Remodel and Expansion

  • Civic Developments
  • Wayfinding / Architectural Signage, Environmental Graphics, Property ID / Exterior Signage
  • Centralia, Washington

Signage supports a fresh outlook for a beloved high school

The community of Centralia voted to provide funding for a significant renovation (and addition to) their 50+ year old high school. Waypoint was fortunate to be selected to provide signage solutions for the new and renewed structures within the 150,000 SF, one-story project. Wayfinding and code signage maximized school colors and leveraged the overall high school brand. The project included large scale environmental graphics to brighten the school while bringing the student body’s school spirit out in a bold and fun manner. Students and parents are greeted with clear and bright, yet fun exterior and monument signage. Forma was the general contractor, and BLRB Architects was the architect for the project.

Installing ID signage for the high school's performing arts center.

Classroom room ID signage is simple yet fun and on brand.

Code signage has a modern flair.

The entry monument sign provides a cheerful, modern greeting to students, staff and families.

Go Tigers! Environmental graphics capture school spirit.

Wayfinding signage playfully announces a dining space.

The Cafeteria included bold environmental graphics to light up lunchtime.

Centralia High School signage under construction in the Waypoint shop.

New exterior ID signage announces the performing arts center.

Back of house code signage was simple, but connected to the overall brand.