AMLI Mark24 – An AMLI Development

  • Mixed Use, Multi Family
  • Wayfinding / Architectural Signage, Environmental Graphics, Property ID / Exterior Signage, Marketing Signage
  • Ballard, Seattle, Washington

Environmental graphics leveraging digital prints on dimensional triangles (speaking to boat burgees) with multi-colored painted sides. Triangles are all custom depths.

Unit ID incorporating CVG fir (natural wood), painted dimensional acrylic on an aluminum backer and raised numbers.

Exterior blade sign.

Wayfinding signage adds a touch of class!

Elevator lobby environmental graphics include a large scale digital print and appleply and aluminum accent details.

Rules and regulations signage with environmental graphics.

Amenity signage is consistent with unit IDs, creating a clean and natural look.

Leasing office canopy blade signage clearly directs interested prospect traffic.

Dimensional history display utilizing applyply and digital prints.

Directional wayfinding signage creates clarity.

A development that speaks to the maritime history and bright future of the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle

AMLI Mark24 was one of AMLI’s first new developments in the Seattle market in several years. Holding the corner of 24th and Market Street in Seattle’s energetic Ballard neighborhood, the project was built on the former site of a long-time marine industry business. The AMLI team was committed to celebrating the unique maritime history of both the site and the community of Ballard within the project, looking forward and to the past. Elements included environmental graphics that showcased Ballard landmarks and more. Waypoint was pleased to work with the AMLI team and League of Excellence in providing a full signage package for this development including extensive environmental graphics, wayfinding (ADA and code signage), exterior and marketing signage. This 304-unit midrise development includes 12,000 SF of retail at the ground floor. GGLO was the architect and RAFN Company was the general contractor.