AMLI Arc – An AMLI High-Rise Development

  • Mixed Use, Multi Family
  • Wayfinding / Architectural Signage, Environmental Graphics, Property ID / Exterior Signage, Marketing Signage
  • Seattle, Washington

Numbers fresh from the waterjet, ready to be cleaned up and oil finished.

Dimensional unit IDs create a vibe in the cool, urban hallways of the project.

Starting the lobby signage installation.

The top amenity floor in the building has a playful environmental graphics installation at the elevator lobby.

Garage signage makes parking more interesting.

Code signage was kept simple to focus on more high-touch signage throughout the building.


Installing the vinyl application marketing signage on the 41 story high-rise.

The building-applied vinyl marketing sign can be seen throughout downtown Seattle.

Ground floor windows were leveraged to entice the high-tech neighborhood into coming to view AMLI Arc's virtual reality pre-leasing campaign.

Construction signage helped to ensure the neighbors knew what was coming!

Bold colors and interactive elements added to the construction marketing signage.

With a prime downtown Seattle site, construction marketing signage was very important.

The virtual reality mobile leasing office under construction.

AMLI Arc took leasing to the streets with their virtual reality mobile leasing office bike. Or trike as we called it!

Signage helps bring the creative story of a 41 story multi-family tower to life – in reality and virtually

Waypoint was pleased to be involved in the large scale mixed-use development that encompassed both the Class A office of Tilt49, and the 41 story, 410 unit multi-family tower of AMLI Arc. Waypoint began working with AMLI early in the development to ensure that signage was fully integrated and supportive of the overall AMLI Arc brand. Wayfinding and environmental graphics were playful yet sophisticated, speaking to the vibe of the building and its top floor, “deconstructed warehouse” amenity space. Waypoint was also involved in the marketing signage for the project including a multi-story large scale vinyl building application, leasing office displays and a clever mobile leasing office that included a bicycle and a virtual reality viewing opportunity. Waypoint was fortunate to work with the AMLI team, League of Excellence and Red Propeller on this project. Mortenson Construction was the general contractor as well as a partner in the development. ZGF Architects was the architect for the project.