Alta Potrero – A Wood Partners Development

  • Multi Family
  • Wayfinding / Architectural Signage, Property ID / Exterior Signage
  • Potrero Hill, San Francisco, California

Design document detailing unit IDs.

Back of house signage leverages matte white acrylic with a oak trim accent piece.

Back of house signage still offers an upscale, high-touch feel.

Signage supporting the concept of “home” on Potrero Hill in San Francisco

Waypoint was delighted to continue our partnership with Wood Partners on their development, Alta Potrero on Potrero Hill in San Francisco. With 172 units, the midrise community includes the “must-have” amenities of a modern apartment development, but with a more sophisticated audience, it shifts its focus to offer exceptional homes that offer a detailed, luxurious living experience. The Waypoint team embraced this concept of a place to truly live vs. store one’s belongings with a signage package that offers a sense of home. Unit IDs are made from individual tiles, offering detail and a residential feel. At the same time, the individual tiles also reflect the almost mosaic appearance of the building exterior glazing. Waypoint provided a full design/build signage package including wayfinding, ADA, code and exterior signage. BDE was the architect for the development.